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Increasing English Class Participation through Extrinsic Motivation

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dc.contributor.advisor Palma Moya, Carla es_CL
dc.contributor.author Venegas Díaz, Pamela es_CL
dc.contributor.editor Facultad de Educación es_CL
dc.contributor.editor Departamento de Pedagogía Media y Didácticas Específicas es_CL
dc.contributor.editor Carrera de Pedagogía para Profesionales es_CL
dc.date.accessioned 2019-09-11T02:19:47Z
dc.date.available 2019-09-11T02:19:47Z
dc.date.issued 2018
dc.identifier.uri http://repositorio.uahurtado.cl/handle/11242/24626
dc.description Tesis para optar al grado de Profesora de Enseñanza Media es_CL
dc.description.abstract The present article proposes the Extrinsic Motivation as a means to improve participation during the English classroom to develop interaction, communication and the use of the language. The extrinsic motivation is intended to be promoted through the integration of homework assignments that would generate an additional grade that would benefit their current low academic performance. The plan is to promote also collaborative learning between students inside the classroom, so as to increase participation. Besides, communicative approach and student- centred classroom are included. This article shows the implementation of a didactic unit in a 9th grade class from a subsidized school located in Quinta Normal, Santiago, which presents a 70% of social vulnerability and in which English subject is not given special importance. The class group is quite disruptive and students show neither interest nor motivation to participate in the English class. The following questions will be studied and presented in this article: would homework activities increase the English language use in classes of EFL in a vulnerable high school? Would these homework activities work as extrinsic motivator to increase English Class Participation? The results obtained in this intervention showed that it is difficult to improve participation in a disruptive class and that just a few students were able to increase their class involvement and disposition concerning working with others. There was no significant increase in the use of the language en
dc.format.extent 57 h. es_CL
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Universidad Alberto Hurtado es_CL
dc.subject.lcsh Enseñanza es_CL
dc.subject.lcsh Inglés es_CL
dc.subject.lcsh Motivación en la educación es_CL
dc.title Increasing English Class Participation through Extrinsic Motivation es_CL
dc.type Tesis es_CL

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