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dc.contributor.advisorLara Morales, Pamelaes_CL
dc.contributor.authorMillanao Balboa, María Loretoes_CL
dc.contributor.editorFacultad de Educaciónes_CL
dc.contributor.editorDepartamento de Pedagogía en Inglés como Idioma Extranjeroes_CL
dc.contributor.editorCarrera de Pedagogía en Ingléses_CL
dc.descriptionTesis para optar al grado de Licenciada en Educaciónes_CL
dc.description.abstractThe educational self-study research seeks to answer how selecting and preparing reading material occurred to develop reading comprehension in L2, considering the varied factors that influence the development of suitable reading material for EFL contexts. For the nature of the educational research, a qualitative approach was used through the grounded theory to conjecture the possible answers that responded to the research question. Four mains topics arose by evaluating the literature review and artifacts 1, 2, and 3: the planning process, the input, adapted texts in EFL context, and reading comprehension. To gather data, collecting tools were created through the literature review’s main topics to answer if the reading materials develop or not reading comprehension skills in EFL contextsen_US
dc.format.extent103 Hojas
dc.publisherUniversidad Alberto Hurtadoes_CL
dc.subject.lcshInglés -- Enseñanza -- Hablantes extranjeroses_CL
dc.subject.lcshComprensión de lecturaes_CL
dc.subject.lcshDesarrollo de la lecturaes_CL
dc.titleSelf-study research : selection and preparation of reading material to develop reading comprehensionen_US

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